NPG energy is looking for green power projects based on proven technology. These include cogeneration, solar, biomass/biogas, wind and hydro.

Today, NPG has various green energy projects in advanced development stages in Belgium.

In 2011, the construction of a wind farm in Wallonia started. This is done in cooperation with a German company that is specialized in wind projects and their development. It is operational since December 2012.

Another technology NPG energy captures in its portfolio, is biomass. The construction of the plant Biopower Tongeren in Limburg started in October 2011 and the project is operational since June 2012.

The other projects are photovoltaic projects in Flanders. NPG energy has an agreement with several land and property owners. This gives NPG energy the right to use roofs and land for the construction of solar parks.

Furthermore there are several projects in a first phase of development. We are looking forward to inform you about our progress.

Wind farms